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China’s Electric Car Revolution

It may seem shocking, but China is the world’s leading consumer in electric powered vehicles. In fact, the Chinese drive more electric cars than “the rest of the world combined.” The fast-growing industry, like many in China, is held up … Continue reading

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China’s Leftover Women

Due to China’s One Child Policy (独生子女) and attempts to bolster the economy, the Chinese government and parents alike have recently favored men to women (独生子女). Men now outnumber women by a figure of thirty-four million. One in every three Chinese … Continue reading

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Bankruptcy and a Shifting Focus

The Chinese government has long supported growth in heavy industry with subsidies and other incentives. But now, as the economy looks to balance towards a more diverse mix of industry and services, the government is doing more to aid the … Continue reading

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Alibaba, a Brief Overview and Singles Day Performance (11/11)

Alibaba’s rise to become one of the biggest internet firms in the world has been nothing less than meteoric, a growth trend that is correlated to a degree with the rise of Amazon, a company that Alibaba is frequently compared … Continue reading

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Is China the new hub for Technology?

Through the semester we have come to realize that China can no longer sustain on low skilled jobs. The economy needs to begin to move into a more complex industry in order to continue growing maintain a competitive edge. While … Continue reading

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Does China’s Investment in Africa Have Ulterior Motives?

In December 2015 the Chinese promised a $60 billion aid package to boost infrastructure and economic development in a wide range of African nations. While Chinese investment in the region is not new, the price tag certainly is. In 2008, … Continue reading

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Overview of China’s Healthcare System

Possessing a viable healthcare system is essential for the social and financial wellbeing of a country. The Chinese healthcare system has changed dramatically since 1949 and the rise of the Communist Party of China. Since 1949, healthcare coverage has gone … Continue reading

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China’s Renewable Energy Renaissance

On January 5th 2017, The Chinese National Energy Administration (NEA) announced a plan to spend more than 360 Billion dollars on solar and wind energy infrastructure through 2020. China’s involvement in renewables has been an ongoing endeavor over the past … Continue reading

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The Impact of the Chinese New Year On Domestic Consumer Activity

According to data on the website of the Swiss Federal Customs Information, gold exports to China from major producer Switzerland skyrocketed in December of 2016, with more exports than any other month since January 2014. Given that China is consistently … Continue reading

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The Rise of China’s Credit-Driven Economy

China’s economy has developed rapidly since its evolution from a planned economy, but only recently have consumers built up enough trust in the system to deviate from face-to-face cash transactions that they have relied on for decades. Using credit as … Continue reading

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Winners and Losers: US-China Trade War

Much recent literature on US-China trade relations has focused on the possibility of a trade war between the countries with the two largest GDPs in the world. New US President Donald Trump has consistently accused the Chinese of manipulating their … Continue reading

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China’s Service Economy

China’s rapid economic growth into an industrial production powerhouse is well-documented but recent developments suggest this trend could be reversing. Known as the world’s largest production/expenditure economy, China is slowly transitioning into an economy centered on consumption and service. Growth … Continue reading

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Shanzhai innovation

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iPhone City

It is not hard to understand how China, with its massive, young, and tech savvy population, buys more iPhones and smartphones than any other nation on earth. The Chinese also make almost all of them. There’s a clichéd animosity toward the “Made … Continue reading

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Chinese Investment in Foreign Real Estate: Motivations and New Regulations

Data released in the first week of January indicate that Chinese investments in global real estate continued to grow rapidly in 2016, hitting a record $33 billion. The United States is the most popular venue for Chinese investment, followed by … Continue reading

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