New restrictions to foreign investors

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The State Council of the PRC is planning to reduce the list of branches in which foreign investors can work. In particular, it is about a services sector and manufacturing industry. With such decision, they plan to encourage investments of own enterprises abroad.

Earlier the Ministry of Commerce reported that following the results of January 2015, $13,92 billion foreign investments were mastered in the PRC. These are 29,4% more than for January 2014. In particular, in a services sector of the country $9,18 billion foreign capital investments for the first month of the current year were used. It is 45,1% more than in the previous year. Nearly 66% of all foreign investments in the country fell to the share of this branch. In Chinese manufacturing industry for January 2015, $3,95 billion capital investments from abroad with a gain for 13,9% in annual comparison are mastered.

For the first month of the current year in the People’s Republic of China the creation of 2266 new enterprises with participation of foreign capital investments is approved. It is 31,8% more than in January of last year. The volume of costs of these purposes reached $33,21 billion with increase by 126,2% concerning the level of the first month 2014.

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  1. Foreign investment is a minority of all investment in China, though it matters more in what are for China “high tech” fields which include modern [complex] financial services.

    But what restrictions do they propose? Provide a concrete example, or if the article doesn’t give any, then add a paragraph that the article is incomplete and doesn’t give details!