Winter 2013 Schedule

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Economics 274 Winter 2013 Schedule
Early-Fielding 205

Section 1 MWF 1:25 pm – 2:20 pm

Section 2 MWF 2:30 pm – 3:25 pm

Week I



Mon, Jan 7


Empires & Control

Wed, Jan 9


forex, ppp

Fri, Jan 11

Mao Ping: A Southern Farm Village


Week II

History &


Mon, Jan 14

Two-sector Models

the growth process

Wed, Jan 16

Hessler Part I


Thu, Jan 17

Feature Film: To Live! (活着!)

Confirmed: 7 pm Huntley 221

Fri, Jan 18

Guest speaker: Ron Fuchs

at Reeves Center

Week III


Mon, Jan 21

Village China (I)

Li: Intro-Summary

Li: Part One

Growth & Agriculture

Wed, Jan 23

Village China (II)

Li: Part Two

Incentive Models

Fri, Jan 25

no class (Board Meeting in NYC)

Week IV


Mao, Reforms and Productivity

Mon, Jan 28

Village China (III)

Li Part III; Huang et al. B&R Ch13

Specialization, Production, Productivity

Wed, Jan 30

Village China (IV)

Li: Part IV


Agriculture Paper Due

Fri, Feb 1

Hessler (II)

Rural Life

Health & Happiness

Week V


Mon, Feb 4

Hessler (II)

Rural Entrepreneurship

Wed, Feb 6

Hessler (II)

Reading an Academic Paper: Status and Behavior:

Brown Bulte et al Positional Spending


Status and Rural Cadre: Jian paper [fancy econometrics]

and Zhang Giles Rozelle paper [more readable]

Fri, Feb 8

Hessler (III)

Urban Entrepreneurship & Migration
The Factory, parts I & II (pp 281-367)

Urbanization and Social Change

Week VI


Mon, Feb 11

Urbanization and Migration

How to read a Paper

regression tables & statistical significance

Wed, Feb 13

Migration incentives

Paper Discussion

Fri, Feb 15

Elevator Talks

Your Papers: 2 min each!

Spring Break Mon Feb 18th – Fri Feb 22nd

Week VII



Mon, Feb 25

Datong: The SOE Model

Locomotive Factory today


Wed, Feb 27

Dunne (I)

Formal Planning

Thu, Feb 28

Migration Paper Due

Fri, Mar 1

Dunne (II)

Dual-track reforms


Social Change & Modern Industry

Mon, Mar 4

Dunne (III)

Direct Foreign Investment

Supplement: Nam (2011) “Learning through the Intl JV Industrial and Corporate Change 20:3, 855-907.

Wed, Mar 6

Discussion of Industrialization!

Class cancelled: power outage!


B&R chapters for industry topic: ready to cite

Naughton, Barry (2008). A Political Economy of China’s Economic Transition. In: Loren Brandt and Thomas G. Rawski, eds., China’s Great Economic Transformation. New York: Cambridge University Press, Chapter 4, pp. 91-135.

Brandt, Loren, Rawski, Thomas G. and Sutton, John (2008). China’s Industrial Development. In: Loren Brandt and Thomas G. Rawski, eds., China’s Great Economic Transformation. New York: Cambridge University Press, Chapter 15, pp. 569-632.

Branstetter, Lee and Lardy, Nicholas (2008). China’s Embrace of Globalization. In: Loren Brandt and Thomas G. Rawski, eds., China’s Great Economic Transformation. New York: Cambridge University Press, Chapter 16, pp. 683-728.

Fri, Mar 8

Science, Society and the Arts

Week IX

Urbanization & Environmental Issues

Mon, Mar 11


CBD Model

Positive Externalities

B&R Ch 19

Wed, Mar 13

Air Pollution

China 2030 “Green” Report esp Ch 3 charts and Chs 4 & 5 (20 pp total)

Negative Externalities

B&R Ch 8

Fri, Mar 15

Water Pollution

Wang et al. water quality contingent valuation study

Negative Externalities

B&R Ch 8

Tom Lehrer “Pollution” (YouTube) 1967 Norway Performance

Week X

International Trade

Mon, Mar 18

Chinese Trade

OECD China in Focus 2012, Chapter 5 [download] [in Chinese]

Comparative Advantage

B&R Ch 16

Industry Paper Due

Wed, Mar 20

Trade Balances

Yang, Dennis Tao (2012). “Aggregate Savings and External Imbalances in China.” Journal of Economic Perspectives. 26:4, pp. 125-146.

(S-I) + (T-G) = (X-M)

download working paper version

Fri, Mar 22

NO CLASS (Conference)

East vs West: B&R Ch 18

Fiscal Transfers [OECD paper]

Regional Specialization

==> Inequality <==

Week XI

Macro Issues

Mon, Mar 25

Taxation, Spending

B&R Ch 12  China Trade & Macro slides

Fardoust et al.,
Demystifying China’s Fiscal Stimulus, World Bank 2012 [download]

Fiscal Issues

Takehome Quiz on B&R Chapters?

Wed, Mar 27

How Can China Quell Inflation?  China Trade & Macro slides

Money & Banking

B&R Ch 14

IMF Article IV Report 2011, pp 23-35 [download]

Thu, Mar 28

evening class

Feature Film

? Together ? Happy Times ?

Fri, Mar 29

Controlling the Economy China Trade & Macro slides

Macroeconomic Policy

IMF Article IV 2012 [download]

Week XII

China’s Future: From Empire to Federal System?

Mon, Apr 1

Why Have Children?  China Trade & Macro slides

Demographics & Growth

B&R Ch 5

Wed, Apr 3

China’s Growth Potential  China Trade & Macro slides

Growth Models Revisited

B&R Ch 17 and esp Ch 20

Fri, Apr 5

Social Tensions & China’s Future

Political Economy and Inequality

Term Paper Due

??? No Final Exam ???

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