Blog Topics

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Here is a set of potential blog topics. You don’t need to chose topics from this list, but it’s convenient to have a starting point.

  • demography: births
  • demography: dividends
  • demography: echoes
  • demography: gender ratios
  • demography: age composition Inner Mongolia other provinces
  • demography: groom vs bride prices
  • status goods: Hessler Part II
  • status goods: gift giving
  • Chinese IT: Young China Biz / Tencent
  • Chinese IT: Young China Biz / Alibaba
  • Chinese tech: iPhones
  • China: desertification
  • China: water quality / Yellow River
  • China: SOx and acid rain
  • China: solar energy
  • China: electric cars
  • trade: exports, imports by region
  • trade: value added / vertical trade
  • trade: Boeing
  • SOEs: zombie firms
  • inflation: does it matter, to whom?