Fall 2015 Schedule

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MWF 11:15 am – 12:10 pm Huntley 220

Fall 2015 Schedule
Week I Fri 11-Sep Introduction Viewing China through Economic
Models: Hypergamy
Mon 14-Sep Historical Geography: China as an Empire start reading Hessler Part I
Wed 16-Sep China in 1700
The Global Technology Leader Encounters Europe
Guest Speaker Dr. Ron Fuchs
Meet at Reeves Center
Fri 18-Sep Geopolitics: Qing to Xi discuss blog posts: empire, trade, technology
Week II Growth Models Mon 21-Sep Solow’s model blackboard version
start your short paper on Hessler & social change
Wed 23-Sep Solow’s model & W Arthur Lewis spreadsheet version; start reading Village China
Fri 25-Sep China’s Growth discuss blog posts
Week III Mon 28-Sep Village China: Sancha, Beijing Hessler Part II
Wed 30-Sep Status and Entrepreneurship Hessler Part II
Fri 2-Oct Public Goods, Local Politics Hessler Part II
Week IV Mon 5-Oct Collectivization and Decollectivization: Li’s “Village China” Ch 1 & Ch 4 YouTube Living (Mao Ping) three YouTube segments or the Leyburn VHS tape. Go here for a viewing guide (pdf)
Wed 7-Oct Incentives: Li Ch 8 & Ch 9 (cont) keep reading Li
Fri 9-Oct Li conclusion: China’s Agricultural Revolution Li paper #2 due
Week V Mon 12-Oct Urbanization: Why Cities? Hessler Part III: Lishui
Wed 14-Oct Migrants & Agency: Labor Markets Lishui
Fri 16-Oct No Class! Reading Day
Week VI Mon 19-Oct What is Technology? The Machine Lishui…
Wed 21-Oct Hukou Miller
Fri 23-Oct Land Miller
Week VII Mon 26-Oct Models of Migration discussion/lecture
Wed 28-Oct Reading a Migration Paper Migration Reading / Regressions
Fri 30-Oct 2nd Demography Readings; The Future of Farming Zhou, Minhui, Rachel Murphy, and Ran Tao. 2014. “Effects of Parents’ Migration on the Education of Children Left Behind in Rural China.” Population and Development Review 40 (2): 273–92.
Week VIII Mon 2-Nov Urban Jobs “Working” 2013 Working Datong
Wed 4-Nov Urban Externalities Miller, blogs
Fri 6-Nov Urbanization Miller, intro to Wallace
Week IX Mon 9-Nov migration discussion migration paper due
Wed 11-Nov Manufacturing: Growing out of Plan Central Planning under Mao
Fri 13-Nov Reforms: Growth out of Plan Revisiting our Agriculture Incentive Models
Week X Mon 16-Nov Demographics why do babies happen?
Wed 18-Nov First Demographic Dividend: Labor applying Solow
Fri 20-Nov Second Demographic Dividend: Savings applying Solow
Week XI Mon 30-Nov China’s Urban Future Wallace
Wed 2-Dec The Key Question: The Political Economy of Peasants The Future of Farming and the Future of Cities
Fri 4-Dec The Dangers of Urbanization Wallace continued
Week XII Mon 7-Dec What Should China’s Leaders Do? Growth
Wed 9-Dec What Should China’s Leaders Do? The Welfare State
Fri 11-Dec Summary Lecture: China Today, China Tomorrow PowerPoint of data?
Final Exams