Week II (updated 8 Jan 2013)

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Note: for obvious reasons, I don’t put chapters of our texts on the web! As an experiment, I am posting links to sakai so that I can leave this page publicly accessible.


Hessler, Country Driving, Book I (through page 122).


To Live overview to the film To Live! (tentatively to be shown the evening of Thur 17 Jan)


Amos, Paul, Bullock, Dick and Sondhi, Jitendra (2010). “High-Speed Rail: The Fast Track to Economic Development?” Washington, D.C.: World Bank. Report 55856 prepared for World Bank Transportation Coordinator, Beijing.

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Roberts, Mark, Deichmann, Uwe, Fingleton, Bernard and Shi, Tuo (2010). “On the Road to Prosperity? The Economic Geography of China’s National Expressway Network.” World Bank. November, Policy Research Working Paper 5479.

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