2015 (Winter) Schedule

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Schedule (version Mar 31 2015)

Economics 274 Winter 2014 Schedule

MWF 11:15 am – 12:10 pm … Huntley 324

MWF 2:30 pm – 3:25 pm … Huntley 324




Details, Reading Links

Week I




Mon 12 Jan

Overview of Course

Start reading Hessler!

Wed 14 Jan

China as Empire

maps and history

Thur 15 Jan

dinner with Dr. Fuchs at Canton

seats limited, will repeat later in term

Fri 16 Jan

Guest Speaker: Dr. Ron Fuchs

classes meet in Reeves Center

reading Brandt Ma Rawski §1-5.1

Week II

The PRC: initial images

Mon 19 Jan


Prologamena to the People’s Republic: Chinese Economic History

issues from Dr. Fuchs’ talk

Ma Brandt Rawski history paper

Wed 21 Jan

Discussion of Hessler I

Roads and Development

short paper due assignment here

Reading empiricals (I) pdf

Fri 23 Jan

Discussion of Maoping video

Watch Living on YouTube in 4×15 min pieces: I, II, III and IV
Viewing guide here (pdf)

Week III


Growth & Agriculture

Mon 26 Jan

Li Book (I): Agriculture

Ch 1 & 4

Wed 28 Jan

Li (II): Incentives

Ch 8 & 9

Fri 30 Jan

Li (III): Life Cycle & Risk


Week IV

Elasticities & the Future of Agriculture

Mon 2 Feb

discuss Li book

Agriculture Paper Due

Wed 4 Feb

Elasticities & the Future of Agriculture

chalk & talk

Fukase & Martin, Who Will Feed China?

Fri 6 Feb

Growth Models

chalk & talk

start reading Hessler II

Week V


Mon 9 Feb

Hessler II discussion

Read Hessler Part II!!

Wed 11 Feb

Two-Sector Models: Lewis


Fri 13 Feb

Formal models of planning

Watch Heart of the Dragon “Working” (4 x 15 mins)
Parts I, II, III, and IV.
Reading Guide (pdf)

Week VI

Industry: Wenzhou

Mon 16 Feb

class cancelled: out of town and weather

Be reading Hessler (III)!

Wed 18 Feb

NO CLASS: out of town

keep reading Hessler!!

Fri 20 Feb

Bra Ring Manufacuturing: Informal Industry

Informal Industry: Management and Finance

Hessler (III)

one-page Hessler memo due

Midterm Break Saturday 21 Feb – Sunday 1 Mar

Week VII

Formal Industry

Mon 2 Mar

Formal Sector: JVs

China’s auto industry

Wed 4 Mar

Productivity: Technology

Nam, Tech Catch-up

Fri 6 Mar

Productivity: Agglomeration

Read Miller Chapters 1-2


Urban Models

Mon 9 Mar

Guest Speaker Leland Miller ’98

was CBD & urban structure

Publisher, China Beige Book

was Miller Ch 1-2

Wed 11 Mar

Financing Urbanization

Miller Ch 3-4

Fri 13 Mar

Science, Society & the Arts

no classes

Week IX


Mon 16 Mar

Models of Migration

costs vs benefits

Wed 18 Mar

Reading Migration Papers

Gustafsson & Sai (2014), “Why is there no income gap…” (Hui Migration) in China Quarterly 220: 968-987 and Migration Reading Guide.

reading regression tables

Fri 20 Mar

Migration (cont)

JMU Talk: “China’s Economy – Lessons from Japan” (pdf)

Week X

Mon 23 Mar

Discussion of your papers

migration paper due

Wed 25 Mar

Imperial Legacies: China & NKorea

Reilly China QuarterlyDecember 2014, 915-935.

Thu 26 Mar evening

Guest Speaker: Amb. Yungwoo Chun

retired National Security Advisor, South Korea

7 pm in Northern Auditorium?

Fri 27 Mar

Discussion of International Issues

one page memo due on Amb Chun’s talk

Week XI

Macro Issues

Mon 30 Mar

Demographics: Why Have Children? (Fertility-Demographics – data & model (pdf))

(additional Slides on Chinese Demographics)

Ma & Adams Chapter 3

Wed 1 Apr

China’s Future: Growth Models Revisited

Ma & Adams: Are There Game Stoppers?

Chapter 1: H2O

Thu 2 Apr


Prof Xu, Chinese Opera

Wilson Hall, 8:00 pm

sponsored by East Asian Studies and the Music Department

Fri 3 Apr

An Aging Society: Welfare

Ma & Adams Chapter 4

Week XII

China’s Economic Maturity: From Empire to Federal System?

Mon 6 Apr

Education: The Future Generation

Ma & Adams Chapter 5 class notes (urban bias)

Wed 8 Apr

Macro Challenges: Housing & Monetary Policy

Ma & Adams Chapter 6

Fri 10 Apr

China’s Policy Challenges

Macro issues in a [large] developing economy

2014 IMF Article IV Review (pdf)

Final Exam


Old: Will Update Selectively: China IMF Article IV (pdf) Retrospective China’s Future (pdf)