Winter 2016 Schedule

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Updating. For a general sense of the course see the Fall 2015 schedule. I will modify portions quite a bit.

MWF 1:25p-2:20p – CGL 203

Winter 2016 Schedule
Week Day Date Topic Readings
Week I Mon 11-Jan Introduction: Big Country #1 Discussion; nappies example
Wed 13-Jan Forex & PPP: Big Country #2
Fri 15-Jan
Week II Mon 18-Jan MLK DAY: Homework for Tues: View video: Part I, Part II & Part III plus viewing guide. NO CLASS
Tues 19-Jan  Discussion of Video [normal Mon classes]
Thur 21-Jan Fertility, Growth: Development of Framework [normal Wed classes]
Week III
Blogs: Daisy, Ellen
Mon 25-Jan Hessler Part I Paper #1 Due
Wed 27-Jan Ron Fuchs / Guest Lecture
China and Technology: The Porelain Monopoly
at Reeves Center
Thurs 28-Jan Dinner with Ron Fuchs Rescheduled to 5:30 pm Tues 2 Feb at Canton in Buena Vista
Fri 29-Jan  NO CLASS (early flight)
Week IV
Blogs: Evan, Hadley, Haley
Mon 1-Feb Li Book: Modeling Agriculture production functions
Wed 3-Feb  Li Book: Institutions and Incentives risk, wealth and rural dynamics
Fri 5-Feb  Li Book: The Future of Agriculture the big picture: S&D
Week V
Blogs: JT, Matt, Nic
Mon 8-Feb  Li Discussion: Technology vs …? Paper #2 Due
Wed 10-Feb Models of Status preparation for Hessler Part II
Fri 12-Feb no class – Mock Con predict well!
Week VI
Blogs: Noya, Patrick, Rainy
Mon 15-Feb class cancelled under the weather
Wed 17-Feb (PACE) NO CLASS
Fri 19-Feb Why did agricultural output grow? Village China paper discussion
Washington Break
Week VII
Blogs: Wyatt, Zack, Daisy
Mon 29-Feb  Planning and Heavy Industry  lecture
Wed 2-Mar  Datong: Locomotive Factory  brief discussion
Fri 4-Mar  Planning and Reform
China Beige Book background
lecture; handouts
Blogs: Ellen, Evan, Hadley
Mon 7-Mar  Guest Speaker: Leland Miller, China Beige Book via Skype
Wed 9-Mar  followup on Miller class discussion
Fri 11-Mar Two-sector Models W Arthur Lewis
Week IX
Blogs: Haley, JT, Matt
Mon 14-Mar Reading Empirical Papers Das, Mitali, and Papa N’Diaye. 2013. “Chronicle of a Decline Foretold: Has China Reached the Lewis Turning Point?” Working Paper WP/13/26, IMF.
Wed 16-Mar Migration: The Sending Side Hessler Part II: Sancha Village
Fri 18-Mar Migration: The Receiving Side Hessler Part III: Lishui Factory
Week X
Blogs: Nic, Noya, Patrick
Mon 21-Mar Class Discussion: Migration paper to be distributed in advance
Wed 23-Mar Urbanization in China Miller Ch 1-2
Fri 25-Mar Hukou 户口 Miller Ch 3-4
migration paper due
Week XI
Blogs: Raili, Wyatt, Zack
Mon 28-Mar Wallace Intro: Urban Bias
Migration Paper Discussion
Miller Ch 5-6-Conclusion
your papers
Wed 30-Mar Policy Priorities: An Economics Perspective powerpoint “Lesson for China from Japan”
Fri 1-Apr Is there “Urban Bias” – evidence Wallace Political Economy
Week XII Mon 4-Apr Urban Bias and Policy Priorities
Wed 6-Apr Do Peasants Count? policy priorities
Fri 8-Apr China’s future political economy perspectives
Final Paper Due