2017 Schedule

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MWF 12:20pm – 1:15 pm Early Fielding 109

Winter 2017 Schedule
Week Day Date Topic Details
Week I Mon 09-Jan Introduction: China as an Empire (I)
Wed 11-Jan Introduction: China as an Empire (II) maps
Fri 13-Jan China before Mao (III): a century of civil war Econ Dept seminar at 4 pm HU200 Disrupters in the Auto Industry: Tesla, Uber, Google?
Mon 19-Jan misc
Wed 21-Jan Foreign Exchange
Week III
Blogging: Zheng, Tyler, Shade
Wed 25-Jan Foreign Exchange and Trade
Fri 27-Jan Guest Lecture: Dr. Ron Fuchs in Reeves Center
Week IV
Blogging: Sackett, Mason, Knapke
Mon 30-Jan Followup on Dr. Fuchs start of Hessler Part III on Lishui
Wed 1-Feb Huang, Zuhui, Xiaobo Zhang, and Yunwei Zhu. 2008. “The Role of Clustering in Rural Industrialization: A Case Study of the Footwear Industry in Wenzhou.” China Economic Review 19(3): 409–20. The Wenzhou Model (I)
Fri 3-Feb Shen, Xiaoxiao, and Kellee S. Tsai. 2016. “Institutional Adaptability in China: Local Developmental Models Under Changing Economic Conditions.” World Development 87: 107–27. The Wenzhou Model (II)
Week V
Blogging: Kaminer, Henderson, Grist
Mon 6-Feb No Class (in Detroit) Heart of the Dragon: Living: (1), (2) and (3)
Wed 8-Feb No Class (in Detroit) Watch portions of Hessler on Lishui
Thur 9-Feb Dinner with Murphree at (?) Canton VMI Talk Gillis Theater 7:45 pm
Fri 10-Feb Guest Speaker: Michael Murphree
Murphree & Breznitz Working Paper
also joint VMI-W&L Econ Seminar at 4 pm
Week VI
Blogging: Feldstein, Curto, Connelan
Mon 13-Feb Growth Models (I): Macroeconomic Update also followup on Murphree
Wed 15-Feb Guest Speaker: Leland Miller
Fri 17-Feb Growth Models (II) IMF Article IV Consultation and China Beige Book Followup
Washington Break
Week VII
Blogging: Choi, Bones, Zheng
Mon 27-Feb The Farmer’s Dilemma
Wed 1-Mar Agriculture and Growth
Fri 3-Mar Migration simple “T” models
Blogging: Tyler, Schade, Sakett
Mon 6-Mar Reading Econometrics
Wed 8-Mar The End of Surplus Labor? W. Arthur Lewis
Fri 10-Mar Urbanization Push vs Pull
Week IX
Blogging: Mason, Knapke, Kaminer
Mon 13-Mar Discuss Migration Migration Paper Due
Wed 15-Mar Planning Models and Reforms
Perkins, Dwight H. 2014. “The Centrally Planned Command Economy (1949-1984).” In Routledge Handbook of the Chinese Economy. Leyburn eBook.
also Excerpts from Heart of the Dragon “Living”
Fri 17-Mar SSA! no class
Week X
Blogging: Henderson, Grist, Feldstein
Mon 20-Mar Planning and Reforms (II): Song, Ligang. 2014. “State and Non-State Enterprises in China’s Economic Transition.” Chapter 12 in Routledge Handbook of the Chinese Economy. Leyburn eBook.
Wed 22-Mar Providing Public Services Discuss Chaps 1-2 of Shepard, Ghost Cities
Fri 24-Mar Financing Public Services: Lam, W. Raphael, and Philippe Wingender. 2015. China: How Can Revenue Reforms Contribute to Inclusive and Sustainable Growth? IMF.
Week XI
Blogging: Curto, Connelan, Choi
Mon 27-Mar Externalities: Environment Air & Water
Wed 29-Mar Externalities: Healthcare World Bank Health Reform report
Fri 31-Mar Externalities: Aging When you can’t save for the future
Week XII
Blogging: Bones, Feldstein
Mon 3-Apr Tentative: No Class in Detroit
Wed 5-Apr Banking and Financial Institutions: Yi, Gang, and Kai Guo. 2014. Chapter 15 in Routledge Handbook of the Chinese Economy, eds. Gregory C Chow and Dwight H Perkins. Leyburn eBook HC427.R667 2015.
Fri 7-Apr China’s Future: Zhang, Longmei. 2016. Rebalancing in China—Progress and Prospects. IMF Working Papers No. WP/16/219.
Sat 8-Apr 2 pm

Cities and Services Paper Due

Final Exams