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Economics 274 Fall 2013 Schedule

MWF 11:15 am – 12:10 pm

Early-Fielding Room 200

Week I




Fri 6 Sep

Introduction: Culture vs Economics, or how to think about another economy

The hypergamous Chinese

Mon 9 Sep

Background: China as Empire

Readings by Naughton & Rawski & Perkins

Wed 11 Sep

Background: Production Function and Growth Models

Cobb-Douglas & Solow

Fri 13 Sep

Guest Speaker: Dr. Ron Fuchs

Monopoly Capitalism

Week II


initial images

Mon 16 Sep

Purchasing Power Parity

comparing economies

Wed 18 Sep

Heterogeneity & Poverty

Read! – Hessler Part I

Supplement: OECD China 2012 Chapter II on inequality

Thu 19 Sep

History Again

Feature Film: To Live! (活着!)

PN1997 .T5937 1998 DVD

tentative: 7 pm Huntley 230
Viewing Guide

Fri 20 Sep

Discussion of Film: Mao & the PRC

Read Coase and Wang handout

Week III



Mon 23 Sep

Maoping: A Southern Farm Village

viewing guide (pdf)

video in class

Growth & Agriculture

Wed 25 Sep

Village China (I)

Li: Intro-Summary and Part One

Incentive Models

Fri 27 Sep

Village China (II)

Li: Part Two

Production Functions

Week IV


Mao, Reforms and Productivity

Agriculture Paper Due

Mon 30 Sep

Village China (III)

Li Part III; Huang et al. B&R Ch13

Specialization, Production, Productivity

Wed 2 Oct

Village China (IV)

Li: Part IV

Fri 4 Oct


Agriculture Papers Due

Incentives vs Planning

Week V


Mon 7 Oct

Hessler (II): Contemporary Village Life

Income Levels & Transition

Wed 9 Oct

Hessler (II)

Rural vs Urban

Fri 11 Oct

reading days — no class

Week VI


Mon 14 Oct

Bra Ring Manufacuturing:Informal Industry: Technology

Hessler (III)

Wed 16 Oct

Informal Industry: Management and Finance

Hessler (III)

Fri 18 Oct

Stalin and Industry

Datong VHS DS779.23.C46 “Working”

CPE Model

Datong handout (pdf)

Week VII

Modern Industry

Mon 21 Oct

Modern Manufacturing: Technology

Dunne (I)

Supplement: Nam (2011) “Learning through the Intl JV Industrial and Corporate Change 20:3, 855-907.

Wed 23 Oct

Guest Lecture: Prof. Howard Sanborn

evening dinner at Canton?

Fri 25 Oct

Modern Manufacturing: Management and Finance

Dunne (II)


Industry paper due

Sectoral and Urban Models

Mon 28 Oct

Discussion of Paper

Industry paper due

Direct Foreign Investment

Wed 30 Oct

Two-sector models

Readings on Lewis “turning point”

Fri 1 Nov

Urbanization: Positive Externalities

The CBD model

Chan, Henderson & Tsui paper

Week IX

Urbanization & Environmental Issues

Migration Paper Due

Mon 4 Nov

Miller (I): Migration Models

The Migrants

Wed 6 Nov

Miller (II): Paying for Growth

The Cities

Fri 8 Nov

Miller (III): Costs and Benefits


Week X

International Trade

Mon 11 Nov

Negative Externlities: Pollution

Tom Lehrer “Pollution” (YouTube) 1967 Norway Performance

Wed 13 Nov

Fiscal Transfers: Education & Health Care

DVD PN1995.9.C45 H4 2003

Fri 15 Nov

Demographics: Fertility

Why children?

Week XI

Macro Issues

Mon 18 Nov

Demographics: Population

(Slides on Chinese Demographics)

Rising and Falling Dividends

Wed 20 Nov

Demographics: Population Decline

Aging: Finance

Term Paper Due

Fri 22 Nov

China: Lessons From Japan (pdf)

Smitka paper

Thanksgiving Break Mon 25 Nov – Fri 29 Nov

Week XII

China’s Future: From Empire to Federal System?

Mon 2 Dec

Term Paper Presentations

Macro issues in the interstices

Macro issues in a [large] developing economy

IMF Article IV 2013 (pdf link)

Wed 4 Dec

Term Paper Presentations

Growth Models Revisited in the interstices

Brandt & Zhu Accounting for China’s Growth (pdf link)

Less technical: Zhu in J Econ Perspectives (link here)

Fri 6 Dec

Term Paper Presentations (completed)

Review: Our models and their implications for China’s future

For reference: J Econ Perspectives 2012 Symposium on China

Final Exam

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