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Economics 274 Winter 2014 Schedule

MWF 11:15 am – 12:10 pm

Huntley 321




Details, Reading Links

Week I




Mon 6 Jan

Introduction: China as Empire

Read! – Hessler Part I

Homework: Read It!

Wed 8 Jan

Heterogeneous China

Reading Guide: Hessler I.pdf

YouTube Documentary on the Great Wall esp 31:30-43:40 on construction and role in 1644 Ming-Qing transition

Fri 10 Jan


Growth Models

Solow: Chalk & Talk (Lewis will be later this term)

Brandt Ma Rawski: “From Divergence to Convergence” (1600-2000 Chinese Econ History)

Week II

The PRC: initial images

Mon 13 Jan

Guest Lecture: Dr. Ron Fuchs

China as a Technology Monopolist

at Reeves Center

Tues 14 Jan

Evening Film: To Live! 活着!

6:30 pm in Huntley 230 and TMC after hours

YouTube version (link may vanish if YouTube finds it violates copyright)

Wed 15 Jan

Dwight Perkins overview of reforms

“China’s Economic Policy and Performance,”
Cambridge History of China. Harvard, 1991. Vol 15, Chapter 6. Map1 and Map2

Fri 17 Jan

Discussion of Film: Mao & the PRC

begin reading Li, Village China

one-page paper due [assignment]

Week III


Growth & Agriculture

Mon 20 Jan

Founders Day – ODK

Li Book (I): Production Functions

Watch Living on YouTube in 4×15 min pieces: I, II, III and IV
Viewing guide here (pdf)

Wed 22 Jan

Li (II)


discussion of “Living” video

Fri 24 Jan

Li (III)

life cycle and agriculture

NOT in NY for conference, found late flight

Week IV

Elasticities & the Future of Agriculture

Mon 27 Jan

discuss Li book

Agriculture Paper Due

Wed 29 Jan

Elasticities & the Future of Agriculture

chalk & talk

refresh yourself on elasticities!

Fri 31 Jan

Hessler Part II: Sancha Village


Read – duh!

Week V


Mon 3 Feb

in Detroit for conference

Memo on “Working” video (pdf)

Watch Heart of the Dragon “Working” (4 x 15 mins) on YouTube: Parts I, II, III, and IV

Wed 5 Feb

Discussion of “Working” video

one-page memo due

Fri 7 Feb

Formal models of planning

CPE Model

Term paper topic(s) due

Week VI

Industry: Wenzhou

Mon 10 Feb

Transition: Dual-Track Reforms

Be reading Hessler (III)!

Wed 12 Feb

Bra Ring Manufacuturing: Informal Industry

Hessler (III)

Fri 14 Feb

Informal Industry: Management and Finance

Hessler (III)

two-page paper on Hessler due

Midterm Break Saturday 15 Feb – Sunday 23 Feb

Week VII

Urbanization and Migration

Mon 24 Feb

Urbanization: Positive Externalities

review: the future of agriculture

Wed 26 Feb

Urbanization: CBD Model and Urban Structure

Migration: Modeling the Decision

Read Miller Chapters 1-2: Migrants Stories, Successful and Not

Urbanization 城市化 [chéngshìhuà] Policy 政策 [zhèngcè]

Fri 28 Feb

Migration: Measuring the Decision

Introduction to Empirical Microeconomics

READ: Sylvie Demurger (2012). Mapping Modes of Rural Migration in China. Groupe D’analyse et de Theorie Economique Lyon – St Etienne. Working Paper 1209.


Sectoral and Urban Models

Mon 3 Mar

W&L Closed – bad weather

paper due date shifted to Friday

Wed 5 Mar

discuss Cai paper

READ Cai, Fang (2012). Reform of the Hukou System and Unification of Rural-Urban Social Welfare. Chapter Twelve (pp 287-304) in: Fang Cai and Meiyan Wang, eds., China Population and Labor Yearbook. Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Yearbooks. Leiden: Brill.

Leyburn: eBook.

Thu 6 Mar

Prof. Jie Lu


Fri 7 Mar

discuss Miller book

papers due in class

Week IX

Cities & Externalities

Mon 10 Mar

Modern Industry in China: Why JVs?

or How to Enter a New Market?

READ Dunne, American Wheels Parts I & II

Kit Price, Beijing Jeep vs GM-SAIC

Wed 12 Mar

Dunne, Part III and

Nam, Kyung-Min, “Compact Organizational Space and Technological Catch-up: Comparison of China’s Three Leading Automotive Groups.” Industry Studies Association, Pittsburgh, May 30, 2012.

Nam, Kyung-Min (2011). Learning through the international joint venture: lessons from the experience of China’s automotive sector. Industrial and Corporate Change, 20(3), pp. 855-907.

Fri 14 Mar

GUEST SPEAKER: Prof. Laura Dodge ’91, George Mason University

Prof. Dodge ’91 has long experience in Asia as a journalist, working with joint ventures, and teaching politics and international relations.

Background Reading: McKinsey article

Week X

Mon 17 Mar

Dunne book continued

bring notes through Chapter 18

Wed 19 Mar

American Wheels final discussion: how can China learn?

bring notes on Nam paper

Fri 21 Mar

Demographics: Why children?

M. Giovanna Merli and S. Philip Morgan (2011). “Below Replacement Fertility Preferences in Shanghai.” Population, 66:3-4, 519-542. [link or go to “journals” at Leyburn]

Supplement (short if you skip the equation sections!): Ge, Suqin, Yang, Dennis Tao and Zhang, Junsen (2012). Population Policies, Demographic Structural Changes, and the Chinese Household Saving Puzzle. Bonn: Institute for the Study of Labor. December, IZA Discussion Paper No. 7026.

Week XI

Macro Issues

Mon 24 Mar

Demographics: Long-run Macro Implications

Rising and Falling Dividends

(additional Slides on Chinese Demographics)

Wed 26 Mar

China’s Future: Growth Models Revisited

Brandt & Zhu Accounting for China’s Growth (pdf link)

Less technical: Zhu in J Econ Perspectives (link here)

Term Paper Due

Fri 28 Mar

Term Papers

Brandt & Zhu growth modles

informal discussion of what you did

paper as per above link

Week XII

China’s Economic Maturity: From Empire to Federal System?

Mon 31 Mar

Macro issues in a [large] developing economy: trade, inflation and short-run growth

IMF Article IV 2013 (pdf link)

Wed 2 Apr

Macro topics continued

J Econ Perspectives 2012 Symposium on China

Fri 4 Apr

China’s Policy Challenges

China: Lessons From Japan (pdf)

Final Exam

NEW ==> End of Term Powerpoints < == NEW

Slides on China Fertility Domestic & Intl Balances (pdf)
China 2030 & IMF Article IV (pdf)
Final class retrospective China’s Future (pdf)

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