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Economics 274 Fall 2014 Schedule

MWF 11:15 am – 12:10 pm

Huntley 324




Details, Reading Links

Week I


Fri 12 Sep


Cultural Explanations and Economic Explanations

Mon 15 Sep

Initial Impressions

Hessler Chapter I: pp 1-59

Wed 17 Sep


WB Briefing on RRs

Fri 19 Sep

China as Empire

Brandt Ma Rawski History, Sections 1-3, pp 1-36 (link)

Week II

The PRC: initial challenges

Mon 22 Sep

Guest Lecture: Dr. Ron Fuchs

at Reeves Center

China as a Global Exporter

Brandt et al. Section 4 to Section 5.1

Wed 24 Sep

China’s Challenges: 1950

Background Paper Due

Fri 26 Sep

Mao’s China: Discussion of “To Live”

Watch “To Live” by today!

Viewing Guide

Week III

Growth & Agriculture

Mon 29 Sep


Li Chaps 1 & 4

Wed 1 Oct


Li Chaps 8 & 9

Watch video “Living” (YouTube 1, 2 & 3)

Fri 3 Oct

Reforms: what drove output?

Li Ch 10 & 11

Li paper assignment

Week IV

Elasticities & the Future of Agriculture

Mon 6 Oct

discuss Li book

Agriculture Paper Due This Week

Wed 8 Oct

Production Functions and Growth

Cobb, Douglas and Solow

Fri 10 Oct

Elasticities & the Future of Agriculture

Supply-Demand analysis

Week V

Farm vs City: Dual Sectors

Mon 13 Oct

Modern vs Traditional: Growth in a Developing Country

Lewis Model

Wed 15 Oct

Discussion: Sancha village

Hessler Chapter II

Fri 17 Oct



Week VI

Industry: Wenzhou

Mon 20 Oct

The Wenzhou Model

Hessler Chapter III

Wed 22 Oct

Modern Firms and Reforms

Watch Video “Working” (YouTube 1, 2, 3 & 4)

Fri 24 Oct


Nam 2011 “Learning” paper ICC 20:3, 855-907 (link)

Week VII

Urbanization and Migration

Mon 27 Oct

Migration (I): Push-Pull

Miller Intro-Chap 1

Wed 29 Oct

Urbanization (I): CBD Model and Urban Structure

Miller Chap 2-3

Fri 31 Oct

Migration (II): Modeling the Decision

Reading an Empirical Paper (Combes Demurger link)

I have a pdf version with reading notes – see me if you want a copy!)


Mon 3 Nov

Migration (III): Barriers

Hukou 户口

Wed 5 Nov

Migration (IV): Discussion

Migration Paper Due

Fri 7 Nov

Urbanization (II): Building Cities

Miller Chap 4-5

Week IX

Mon 10 Nov

Financial deeping and financial repression

IMF 2014 Article IV Review

5 pm

H Parker Willis Lecture

Eric Rosengren, President, Federal Reserve Bank of Boston

Wed 12 Nov

Macro Challenges (I): Financial Deepening

IMF (relevant boxes)

Fri 14 Nov

Families: Fertility and the One-child Policy

Modeling Household Decisions

Week X

Mon 17 Nov

Macro Challenges (II): Demographics and Solow/Lewis

Slowing Growth

Wed 19 Nov

Macro Challenges (III): Demographic Dividends

More Slowing Growth

Thur 20 Nov

CFR China Lunch

Noon: EC Chavis Room

Fri 21 Nov

Macro Challenges (IV): Reforms and Productivity

And more slowing

long (policy) papers due

Thanksgiving Break

Week XI

Macro Issues

Mon 1 Dec

Evironnmental Challenges: Water and Energy

Ma Adams Ch 1

Wed 3 Dec


Ma Adams Ch 2: A Peasant Society No More!?

Fri 5 Dec

Labor: Migration, Demographics and Dimishing Returns

Ma Adams Ch 3: Lewis Turning Point?

Week XII

China’s Economic Maturity: From Empire to Federal System?

Mon 8 Dec


Ma Adams Ch 4

Wed 10 Dec

Education and Political Economy

Ma Adams Ch 5

Fri 12 Dec

Hypergamy revisited: housing and financial repression

Ma Adams Ch 6

paper responses due

Final Exams Sat 13 Dec – Fri 19 Dec

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