China to be a key market for HTC?

Published on Author Suraj Bajracharya

China is surpassing the US to become the world’s largest smartphone market. Apple has planned to make China it’s key market. But HTC has had similar plans too.

HTC’s market shares dropped by a significant percentage in North America and Europe after a patent lawsuit with Apple Inc., but China proved to be the least negatively affected market for the Taiwan-based smartphone company. Reason? We can’t be sure but HTC definitely has good relations with China Unicom (Hong Kong) Ltd., China Telecom Corp. and China Mobile Ltd. [Source: HTC Beats Apple in China, With Help From Allies]

Will HTC be able to face off Apple now that Apple plans to make China its key market? Or with the big three telecoms’ good relations with HTC turn the question around?

Source: HTC shrugs off Apple battle