China’s Ambitious Quest for Shale Gas

Published on Author Christine Feng

Most recent news has shown that China’s new generation of leadership is very interested in hydraulic fracking in Zhe Jiang province. The reason for that is mainly due to high reliance on coal burning energy source, which leads to severe air pollution and public complain. Thus, in order to stop looking bad, the Chinese government has leaked information regarding possible hydraulic fracking technique to reach new energy resources.

Hydraulic fracking is a new technology that has been used in developed countries like the US. The technology uses a very large amount of water, pump it into a well, and recover gas from shale rock. There are many debates over this new technology recently, one being minor earthquakes. Another risk that’s associated with it is water contamination and water shortage. If the Chinese government decides to employ this technique, it will be interesting to see how local traditional life routines can be changed. Also, we haven’t seen many domestic debate over this issue, mainly due to a lack of public disclosure.

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