China or America? Indians pick U.S.

Published on Author westermann

According to recent gauging of Indian public opinion, the general attitude of the Indian people is greater sympathy with the United States than with China. “Indians were somewhat skeptical about their massive neighbor China, a country that more than half of Indians view as a major threat to the country. Roughly a third of the public has a favorable view of Beijing, with only 13 percent holding a very favorable opinion. In contrast, about four-in-ten have an unfavorable opinion of the People’s Republic, including 22 percent who said they held a very unfavorable opinion.” Also, the results of the survey indicate that those in India with higher incomes are more likely to favor the United States than China as a place to do business.

The Indian Skepticism towards China may have to do with past military aggression as well as China’s aggressiveness towards its many Asian neighbors.




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