Hacking A Report on Hacking

Published on Author Suraj Bajracharya

Cybersecurity company Mandiant Corp. this week published a report on a series of cyberattacks on U.S. companies back to Shanghai. But these reports have been hacked as “>hackers have created a virus infested version of the same report and made it viral. The hackers, however, did not attack Mandiant itself. Chinese Military has straight-out [denied?] declined the fact, though China has been accused previously about hacking into systems in various places and organizations all over the world. [Reuters]

A different report states officials are now more willing than before to call out to China directly. President Obama, however, refrained from stating China’s name, stating “we know foreign countries and companies swipe our corporate secrets […] now our enemies are also seeking the ability to sabotage our power grid, our financial institutions and our air traffic control systems” [Sanger]. China is a crucial supplier AND customer to the U.S. This could be the reason China has never been directly attacked before.

With Mandiant’s report, do you think this accusation would backfire to the U.S. economy? Or to the world?

One Response to Hacking A Report on Hacking

  1. Chinese hacking and hacking attempts have risen over past years due to increased amounts of computer use in all areas of the economy, government, and computer use in general. It is extremely important that the US continue to put more money towards hacking and computer security areas to try to decrease hacking in all sectors of the economy. With computer programming constantly changing as a result of technological advances, if you are not ahead of the curve you are behind the curve and staying abreast of current conundrums is the only way to ensure security and safe business environments. Funding is the key to squandering and limiting hacking in the United States.