Chinese Military Releases Video Game

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The Chinese Military has released a training video game to the general public to promote patriotic values. BBC News reported that the game, released a few months ago, has been downloaded more than a million times. The article also says that the game is a propaganda tool used to recruit more soldiers into the military. The vice-president of the developers of the game say that he believes the game will help bring more people into the army.
Another interesting point that the article brings up is that the “enemy” that the people are fighting has a resemblance to the US and its allies. This is a very odd thing considering that today John Kerry spoke with a member of a member of China’s state Council about strengthening military ties between the new nations. The article says that the gaming industry in China is worth an estimated $7.9 billion so the army could have been trying to tap into that market as well.
Gaining new army recruits may not have been their original goal, but with the instability in North Korea, the government may hope that is an added affect.

2 Responses to Chinese Military Releases Video Game

  1. I briefly read an article about this while writing my research paper and it’s interesting to note that the video game received its start as a training tool for soldiers. With the amount of resources the Chinese military has, it’s interesting to see that they are resorting to video games. Also interestingly enough, it seems that the Chinese youth have caught on to the propaganda nature of the video game and have started to rejected it. It’s actually quite a failure among the youth that actually play video games.

  2. How many generals in the Politburo (or more formally, central committee of the CCP)? The private sector doesn’t like subsidies to military-run SOEs. So this seems like PR. A training game? seriously? How many ads are built into it?

    I’m not a gamer, but who are the enemies in US games? I guess “terrorist” or “drug dealer” in the shoot-em-up ones, no need to have a nation mentioned. Are any “war game” games popular, where its armies and not snipers that you control?