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Relationships are critical to business in China, however at JP Morgan, nepotism may be the bank’s downfall. Recently the SEC has been looking into JP Morgan to see if the company favors hiring the children of powerful Chinese officials in order to gain favors. While there are not any formal charges yet against the bank, the fed has been seriously looking into the company to ensure they are not violating the 1977 federal law that prohibits companies in the United States from giving “anything of value” to foreigners to curry business.

One case in particular that is raising questions around China and the United States is the choice to hire Tang Xiaoning, the son of the chairman of China Everbright. Before Tang joined the JP Morgan team, the bank did little business with Everbright. However after their hire, China Everbright has become one of JP Morgan’s closest Asian clients. Furthermore, JP Morgan was one out of 12 sources consulted before the company went public. Some believe this can be traced back to a “sons and daughters” program instituted in 2006 to help prevent this sort of situation from occurring.

Although the notion of Guanxi is very important to doing business in China, it remains to be seen how the American public will view the bank’s preference. Furthermore it will be interesting to see what happens in the investigation, and how other American banks will do business with Chinese companies in the future.


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  1. As J.P. Morgan’s United States and Europe-based hiring system entirely revolves around internships and thorough training, I find it very interesting that their Chinese hiring system may be so different. As we just finished writing on whether the industry/manufacturing in China should be deregulated or not, this article makes me curious whether similar barriers to entry make it difficult for such thorough merit-based hiring systems to be implemented.

  2. In the United States, being a Republican or Democrat has no bearing on what company you can work for. In China being a party member opens up many otherwise unavailable paths to success. Abilities to get financing, increased business, favors, etc.. all can help make or break a new business. Being a party member puts you above non party members in society and gives a clear advantage in the market place. Favors (hiring a son) can help push a company into new growth and this above all helps ensure success in China.