App Attack

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2014_03_14_growthChina’s App market has absolutely exploded over the last year. Some App sectors are up almost 300%. This is good news for the Apple iphone which broke into the China market in 2009. Increased App use shows that the Chinese now see value in the concept of App’s, leading to an increased demand for App manufacturers and  the phones that support them. Whether, the China market will follow the same path as the American phone market is yet to be seen, but this explosion of App use is great for companies like Apple and eventually Google with their Android platform.

Source: Business Insider

2 Responses to App Attack

  1. Increased app usage is also a sign of individuals having more free time and disposable income. It would take further research, but it would be interesting to look at the relationship between a rising middle class and the use of smart phones, in particular apps.

  2. The increased use of consumer electronics is certainly a sign of an increasingly modernized society. This cutting edge technology can also increase productivity in the work place and help improve the stream of information and communication.