Fall 2014

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Site only partially updated for Fall 2014.China Fertility

  • Hessler, Peter. Country Driving. HarperCollins, 2010. ISBN 9780061804090
  • Li, Huaiyin. Village China. Stanford, 2009. ISBN 9780804776578
  • Ma, Damien and Adams, William. In Line Behind a Billion People: How Scarcity Will Define China’s Ascent in the Next Decade. Pearson FT Press, 2013. ISBN 978-0133133899
  • Miller, Tom. China’s Urban Billion: The Story Behind the Greatest Migration in Human History. Zed Books 2012. ISBN 9-781180-321417

========== Downloadable [pdf] Reports/Books =========

We will draw upon the following at various points, but there’s no need to purchase them (unless you want a hard copy) or download them at this time. We will not read these “cover to cover”.