China Unrolls Plans to Reform Rural Education

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On April 1, central authorities of China introduced new plans for advancements in rural education, among other hot topics such as public hospital improvement. The meeting on Wednesday was the 11th of a series of meetings of the central leading group to intensify reform in China. President Xi Jinping called to the authorities to “show courage and guts” in the process of reform.

Poorer areas of China, namely central and western China, were under the spotlight when considering rural education reform. As the reformists view it, these regions are the weakest link in the modernization of China. If the newer generation cannot receive the proper education for the future, the country’s progress would surely come to a screeching halt.

As I wrote in our most recent paper assignment, the Chinese people place great faith in cultivating the mind and developing it through schooling. This is especially true over the past half century, amid the shifts of the economy and rapid urbanization. “Means of increasing the number of good teachers in poor areas include improving teachers’ political and moral awareness, increasing their income, and persuading urban teachers to work in rural schools.” If these plans materialize and come to fruition, this could lead to a more stable, rather than vacated, rural system.


2 Responses to China Unrolls Plans to Reform Rural Education

  1. I wrote a post similar to this where China was reserving spots in top universities for rural students who might not be able to get in otherwise. Standardizing and improving education across all of China seems to be moving up on the agenda as as are environmental improvements. I think this is telling of China’s seeking of true unification. In class we have talked about how the sheer size of China makes it hard for all villages and cities to be on the same page and moving in the same direction. This improvement in education looks like an attempt to change this in my opinion.

  2. Based on Argentina’s experience, I can say that this is a serious problem that needs to be addressed. The difference in the level of education in rural and urban areas in Argentina has led to a huge divide in incomes and lifestyles among these population. Eventually, this inequality will lead to animosity and recent towards urban citizens in rural areas.