Final Exam

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This is a standard, 3 hour, no-notes “Blue Book” exam. Please conform to the guidelines for the Williams School. Return your exam and Blue Book, sealed, signed, and pledged to the front desk at the end of your exam slot.

I pose 3 essay questions, graded equally. Spend at most an hour on any single question.

Think before you write; begin with an outline of your key points. Keep it simple: limit yourself to 3 key points. You can then devote 15 minutes to each key point – 45 minutes for the entire question – without running into time trouble.  If you do that, you will have time to re-read what you’ve written and add a detail or two.

Remember this is an economics exam! Use jargon when appropriate, even if plain prose communicates well. Graphs and equations and cost/benefit tables and the like are similarly appropriate. Concrete examples and numbers are good, too.

I am not giving you the questions in advance…sorry!?


The questions on the final focus on key issues that we examined in the latter part of the term, drawing on Miller and in particular upon Ma & Adams. You should be able to predict 5-6 possible questions I might ask, based on the content of the readings and the topics on the syllabus.

I do not explicitly draw upon the content of the blog posts, but if you scan them you will have in mind an array of current issues. Some may be useful for the final, some may not.

Study Guide – sample questions are in the “Final Exam” tab at the top.