Myanmar Issues Apology To China

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Myanmar has officially claimed responsibility for a bombing that occurred last month in which five Chinese citizens were killed. The bombing occurred on Chinese territory , Yunnan province, which prompted the apology. The bombing was due to a conflict between the Myanmar government forces and a rebel group called the Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army. “China was infuriated by the deaths in Yunnan province and warned of a “decisive” response if it happened again.” After a meeting between the two country’s foreign ministers, it was determined that Myanmar would work with China to ensure the stability along their 2,000 km border.

The border between China and Myanmar has been heating up since 2009 when the treaty between the government and The Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army was broken. The ending of the truce has caused government troops to take over the region by the border and has forced tens of thousands of refugees into Yunnan province. The Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army was originally formed out of the remnants of the Communist Party of Burma – which China had backed. This guerrilla force clashed with the Myanmar government until it broke up in 1989.

Myanmar is a country in the region that is sometimes overlooked when talking large-scale global politics. China, South Korea, North Korea, and Japan seem to make up the short list of “big players.” It is important, however, to realize that issues in Myanmar could prove to be a thorn in China’s side.


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  1. A good reminder that China is a multi-ethnic empire, both contributing to tensions along several of its borders. This is the “Golden Triangle” region that at one time (1950s-80s?) was the source of much of the world’s opium.