Nowhere to Avoid Rising Property Values

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In Beijing property values have increased an alarming amount.  People struggle to find cheap, quality places to live and a large amount of these people simply move out of Beijing to hopefully locate in a more affordable area.  There is no place to hide for these people, not even in death.  The property values increase has strongly affected the market for funeral plots and head stones.  Without having a place to rest for all eternity, Chinese customs and traditions will no longer exist.  3dc4cccaef496c60458e7c41f8f7b9af

Forced to travel up to 90 km from his home, a member of the Beijing community, Wang Yu, can not afford a funeral plot in his home town.  The cheapest possible tomb stone was valued at 60,000 yuan and a mere mid-level stone costs upwards of 100,000 yuan.  Every day people like Mr. Wang can not afford, such an expensive stone, thus he must lay his mother to rest a long distance from him.  92% of Beijing residents agree that the price of tomb stones is way too high.  In addition, mainland cemeteries in Beijing will no longer have anymore plots in the next 10 years.

This story acts as a wake-up call for the struggling Chinese real estate industry.  Without taking action soon, people will no longer be able to bury their loved ones and if the trend continues, affordable housing will soon be out of reach for the majority of Beijing citizens.

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  1. See a previous (later?!) post on a related topic: the rise of cremations. The posts pair nicely. My comments are on that earlier post.

  2. This is definitely a sad trend in China. You mentioned that Chinese religious and cultural burial ceremonies are at risk because of the cost of burial plots and tombstones. I wonder what will happen to these practices? Will they be amended in order to allow for cremation? It seems like either way, this space and financial issue could be causing the end of centuries-old rituals.