Decrease in Carbon Dioxide Emissions

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Global Carbon Dioxide Emissions are projected to decline in 2015, dropping as much as 0.6% compared to 2014. According to experts at the Global Carbon Project, “This would be the first decline during a period of strong global economic growth”. Researchers attribute much of the decrease in carbon dioxide emissions to China’s decrease in coal use, which significantly lowered their carbon dioxide emission in 2015.

Researchers such as  Corinne Le Quéré wonder whether China’s “decrease” in carbon dioxide emissions is a result of China’s transition into a service sector economy, or whether China has been releasing inaccurate data to the public. According to energyimages data released in November, China has emitted over 17% more carbon dioxide into the environment than previously stated, causing critics to speculate whether China has actually cut down on emissions, or whether they are simply misleading the public.

However, one thing is certain according to Le Quéré, “That China is trying to deal massively with its air pollution problem. In the past decade, China has significantly grown the amount of renewable energy resources in its disposal. However, Le Quéré also adds that many emerging economies, like China, are based on coal, and an increase in its size could likely result in an increase in emissions going forward.


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  1. This is a global issue as well. The current administration in the United States denies climate change and reducing carbon dioxide emissions is’t a concern. Any suggestions on how the public and help with this too?