China, Japan and South Korea-the first meeting in three years

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Trilateral summit between the leaders of China, Japan and South Korea is tentatively agreed upon on March 21st by the countries’ foreign ministers. Territorial spats between China and Japan, and South Korea and Japan have not been resolved but the talks in Seoul evinced that grievances must not be left to overshadow essential economic relationships.

However, contentious issues still remain such as the discord between China and Japan over Senkaku islands (Diaoyu in Chinese) and between South Korea and Japan over Japan’s wartime atrocities including comfort women and Dokdo. Yet at least Mr Abe has pledged to come up with consensus on history matters in time for his expected statement on August 15th.

America sees the improving ties between Japan and South Korea as positive. However, since South Kora has not yet decided to accept the THHAD or Terminal High Altitude Area Defence which displeased China for its potential threat to the country even though it is designed to counter North Korea aggression. As such, still many issues remain unresolved to consolidate the tripartite conference.

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  1. Abe hasn’t shown much common sense in the past. I’ve not followed the analysis of the Japan side of this meeting, but will pay more attention and edit or add comments if I find anything that adds value to the discussion. However little any side has budged, though, the mere fact of a meeting is good. “We won’t forget … but we won’t argue. As much.” As Amb Chun noted, hot lines ought to be up and running between Japan and China, maybe this will see that they actually are answered.