Increased expenses on military

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In 2015 the authorities of the People’s Republic of China plan to increase expenses on arms and army of the country to 10,1% in comparison with 2014. Thus, the volume of costs of these purposes will make 886,898 billion yuans ($144,2 billion).

Wang Qunwas, Director – General of the Department of Arms Control reported that in 2014 expenses on the defensive purposes of China grew by 12,2% in annual comparison – to $132 billion, in 2013 – for 10,7%, in 2012 – for 11,2%, in 2011 – 12,7%. With the volume of the financial income of China exceeding 10,63 trillion yuans ($1,73 trillion), more money will be spent on army. Following the results of January-September of the current year, financial expenses of China grew by 13,2% concerning January-September of last year – to more than 10,36 trillion yuans. Only for September the country spent over 1,4 trillion yuans – 9,1% more, than for the ninth month 2013. At the opening of the National People’s Congress in Beijing Wednesday, a major political meeting, officials also said they expect the economy to continue to see stable growth of around 7.5 percent this year.


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  1. Military budgets are very hard to track, especially when it includes units that run farms and other businesses that aren’t normally thought of as “military” in nature.

    Note too the recent corruption arrests among senior military leaders. That may lead to less expansion that announced as the government tries to cut kickbacks and the like.