The aluminum production grew by 21 %

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The Chinese authorities have cancelled quotas of export of rare-earth metals. This decision was made during the reform of the control system of resources. Now the production of aluminum in China has increased by 21 %.

During 2014 the People’s Republic of China increased the production of electrolytic aluminum for 7,7% concerning the level of relative to 2013 to 24,38 million tons. The volume of release shipments of oxide of alumina for last year reached 47,77 million tons, 7,1% more than in the previous year. Theseis numbers show the significant increase of the production that pushes the Chinese economy forward.

Earlier it was reported that for 2014 the output of 10 main non-ferrous metals in the People’s Republic of China was 44,2 million tons, 7,2% more than in 2013. The gross profit in the sphere of production of non-ferrous metal of Celestial Empire grew by 11,4% , and income by 8,6%.

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