5 million ecomobiles will be in China by 2020

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By the end of 2014 more than 120 000 ecomobiles were counted in China. For the last year citizens of the country bought 80 000 of such cars. The Chinese government holds a number of events for the stimulation of sales of the vehicles working at new power sources. In particular, the tax on purchase of such cars was cancelled. Also, in several large megalopolises the registration of numbers for ecomobiles was facilitated.

It was reported on the website of the Ministry of Commerce of PRC that since September, 2014 to the present about 42 800 cars working at the environmentally friendly energy carrier in China are exempted from payment of a tax on purchase of the vehicle. Besides, the Chinese government decided to pay awards to those cities where the use of motor transport working at new energy carriers will grow. Megalopolises in which during 2015 will be over 25 000 electric cars, will receive more than 100 million yuans. As expected, besides the increase in vehicle fleet in the cities, new objects for recharge of electric cars have to be constructed as well.

One Response to 5 million ecomobiles will be in China by 2020

  1. going from 80,000 a year to 1.6 million a year by 2020 is huge (if they don’t increase that much they’ll not hit 5 million total units). No way. Not only do they not have the capacity, and adding that much that quickly isn’t easy, there’s no indication that there is a market for such vehicles, absent a major change in policy that (for example) doesn’t tax them.