11,3 % increase in Chinese export

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The export of China in February of 2015 has greatly changed in comparison with the last year results. It has increased by 11,3 % in total. According to the website of the Ministry of Customs of PRC, the export in February of the current year made 1,04 trillion yuans (166,15456 billion U.S. dollars), having increased by 48,9% in annual comparison. At the same time import of the country reached 666,1 billion yuans. It is 20,1% less, than in the previous year. The active balance of foreign trade of China for the second month 2015 made 370,5 billion yuans.

Following the results of January-February of the current year, the foreign trade turnover of the People’s Republic of China reached 3,79 trillion yuans. In particular, for January-February of the current year active growth was shown by trade of China with the countries of the European Union, the USA and the states of ASEAN. So, the volume of trade of the People’s Republic of China with the EU reached 572,5 billion yuans with a gain for 3,8%, with the USA – 539,4 billion yuans with increase by 8,2%, with ASEAN – 460,1 billion yuans with increase for 11,5%. With such rapid development of the economy, many experts believe that the Chinese economy may have two different ways.


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