President Xi Jinping Raises Ecological Awareness in China

Published on Author Walker Helvey
Chaoyang District, Beijing

In an effort to raise awareness of the environmental challenges faced by his nation, President Xi Jinping and several members of the CPC Political Bureau Standing Committee visited the Chaoyong district of Beijing to partake in a publicity generating planting of six sapling trees. Accompanied by primary school students, Xi was photographed digging into the soil on a site that has been incorporated by the Beijing municipal government into its tree-planting plan for 2015.

President Xi wants to make the “building of a beautiful China” an act of public spontaneity among his several million constituents. Through collaboration with Chinese citizens and government agencies, Xi hopes to “strengthen ecological restoration and protection” by spreading awareness of the benefits of environmental conservation.

China is notorious for its rampant greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption. The fact that President Xi has taken the initiative to embody and be the face of a campaign for ecological protection perhaps indicates that China is taking steps toward taking responsibility for its detrimental pollution contribution in the global arena.


6 Responses to President Xi Jinping Raises Ecological Awareness in China

  1. If he really wanted to make a significant gesture, he should have gone to Inner Mongolia [Nèi Mĕnggŭ 内蒙古] to plant his trees. This photo-op didn’t require him to leave the comfort of his Beijing environment. He also must have bided his time: note the blue sky in the background, rather than smog. Furthermore, even trees have to breathe, so I’d be willing to place a modest bet that these may not last out the decade.

  2. Trees are aesthetically pleasing and absorb some carbon dioxide, but if the President is adamant about addressing pollution problems, he would implement stricter policies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

  3. This seems to be a direct product of communist propoganda! Perhaps he should be driving a hydrogen-powered car, as mentioned in another blog post. Moreover, he should be promising reduced coal and industry related emissions for real change.

  4. I really do believe this is a priority for him. I wrote a blog post about how he is taking environmental issues such as air quality very seriously. I agree however, that this is definitely a PR move and he wants to use these cute photos for his image.

  5. China is finally recognizing the economic benefit of having a more conscious environmental policy. If the nation hopes to compete in standards of living with the West, its leaders need to tackle these issues head on, specially air pollution.

  6. This is a classic case of using the press to shine its light on something positive, rather than all the negatives it tends to cover (especially in China). I mean, just look at the picture; it screams “photo-op.” It isn’t totally bogus, though. Chinese leadership has definitely been making a huge effort to strive toward environmentally greener pastures.