The Panama Papers

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There is a fascinating web site put up by the consortium of journalists working with the Mossack Fonseca papers. The home page is at with a signup page for new updates. The files they have go back 40 years, and the information contained in them has already led to the resignation of the Prime… Continue reading The Panama Papers

Recent IMF resources

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March 21, 2016 Press Release: IMF Managing Director Concludes Visit to China March 20, 2016 Opening Remarks at the 2016 China Development Forum: China in the New Five-Year Plan March 20, 2016 Accelerating Reforms to Establish a Risk Prevention System March 17, 2016 Tax Administration Reform in China John Brondolo | Zhiyong Zhang: Series: Working… Continue reading Recent IMF resources

What depreciation? A bit against the dollar, but we shouldn’t be so parochial as to think we’re China’s only trading partner! Over the past two years the dollar has appreciated against the currencies of many of China’s other major trading partners (Europe, Korea, Japan, Brazil….) so the net effect is NO depreciation. Data through January 2016.

Here are the directions, address and phone number for Canton. Click to enlarge.

Video for next week

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Please watch the three part “Heart of the Dragon” series. The total length is just under an hour. For those into classic technology – do any of you actually have a videocassette player? – Leyburn has the entire series in VHS (Call number: Video DS799.23 .H42 1985 Tape 7). Here are the YouTube links to… Continue reading Video for next week

Winter 2016 Texts Hessler, Peter. Country Driving. HarperCollins, 2010. ISBN 9780061804090 Li, Huaiyin. Village China. Stanford, 2009. ISBN 9780804776578 Miller, Tom. China’s Urban Billion: The Story Behind the Greatest Migration in Human History. Zed Books 2012. ISBN 9-781180-321417 Wallace, Jeremy. Cities and Stability: Urbanization, Redistribution, and Regime Survival in China. Oxford University Press, 2014. ISBN:… Continue reading Winter 2016 Texts

As per class, a “yawn” [or is that “yuan”?] for the RMB entering the pantheon of currencies in the IMF’s basket

VoxEU on Chinese Pollution – nice, short item with a graph of official data vs US Embassy data.

Ghost Cities

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See the earlier post on Ordos. Further to that, the Priceonomics blog has a nice item on ghost cities, including a map of where various ones are located. They have a neat twist, including a chart from the Baidu travel service of which cities are destinations and which points of departure. That helps track whether… Continue reading Ghost Cities