China’s President Defends Business Environment

Published on Author Christine Feng

On Monday, China’s new president Xi met with various world-class business leaders at Bo Ao, China, regarding opportunities and challenges ahead. Several representatives were featured in the meeting to address foreign concerns.
Among all business leaders, there are two I think which are very interesting. First of all, the president of PepsiCo, who claimed to be speaking of the American business community, asked Xi to give foreign companies a more level playing field and urged China to reduce barrier of entries to key industries, such as agriculture. His proposal was refused by Xi during the meeting. Xi claimed that China still has a level playing field.
Another speaker from Japan hopes that Xi can better manage the relationship between China and Japan, and called last year’s “car-smashing” series an “incident in the past”.
Again, from this article, we can see that as China plays a more important role in the world’s economy in both public and private sectors, its actions and attitudes towards business leaders are constantly monitored. A key issue in China among foreign companies is intellectual rights. Xi promised that during his service, he will improve the situation and “protect” foreign companies’ intellectual property by law. This is a truly a progress for Chinese leaders to be able to make assertions beyond saying “stepping up”. Maybe we will see some game plan in the near future.

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