Electric Saab to Enter Chinese Market

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China’s growing market strikes again as the placement of a strategic sales endeavor. The Swedish car brand Saab (bought last year by National Electric Vehicle Sweden AB) constitutes the latest product to enter the Chinese market with great hopes of a boom in sales. The brand has just started to produce the “9-3 Aero sedan” with a starting price tag around $42,600.

Due to a focus on green energy for China, National Electric plans to produce electric versions of the new car for the Chinese market. The cars will begin with a traditional fuel engine in the Swedish market this month, and the electric version is expected to appear on the market in China next year. The company is backed by Chinese investment groups.

The most striking aspect of the new endeavor revolves around the fact that the Saab brand has lain dormant for over 2 years. The new vehicle production seeks to re-invigorate the brand as well as the automobile markets in the countries in which they will be sold. Saab used to be a subsidiary of GM, which we learned has had a significant relationship with China in the past. 


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3 Responses to Electric Saab to Enter Chinese Market

  1. I believe electric cars have come a long way and will be monitoring the situation as it progresses in China. It will be interesting to see how the consumers react to the Saab models.

  2. It will be very interesting to see how Chinese react to electric automobiles compared to how Americans have reacted in past years. The Prius has been probably the most successful gas/electric hybrid to date, but many still prefer gas cars in the US. The SmartCar has not seen as much success as they may have projected because of the way it looks. Since Chinese culture and consumer preferences is very different from the United States, it will be interesting to see if the electric car succeeds or not. Either way, it is a risky and bold move by Saab to have their first major product release in 2 years be an electric car.

  3. Apparently Saab is actually known for its electric cars, which I was unaware of before reading into this subject. One article discussed how Saab would be “continuing its trend of electric vehicles” or something like that. Thus, maybe this was a safer move for them than a regular car? Also interesting that he car is being released with a regular engine first, then with an electric one just for China.