Apple’s Growing Chinese Market Share

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Forbes reported that only 40% of cellphone users in China use smartphones. This small portion of smartphone users suggests that there is a lot of room for Apple to grow their market share even more. Even though only 40% of cellphone users in China use smartphones, China still has over 20% of the world smartphone market. Since Tim Cook took over as the Apple CEO in 2012 he has focused a lot of his time on the Chinese market. Cook’s focus on the Chinese market has been paying off. It was said that, “Apple’s overall share increased 9.7 percentage points year-over-year, surpassing local brand Xiaomi for the first time.”

Apples introduction of the iPhone 6 and the larger iPhone 6 plus have competed with the large screen phones that seem to appeal to Chinese consumers. Apples overall market share increased from December to February from 25% to 27.6%. As China’s middle class is growing the potential for Apple to gain an even larger market share.


2 Responses to Apple’s Growing Chinese Market Share

  1. This is quite different from the other items I’ve read on smart phones in China. If not “spin” – the content seems straightforward – then this represents a major shift in the market, that had emphasized “value” products. See the next post…

  2. As incomes in China rise, more and more people will buy iPhones. Chinese people love them and once they capable to afford them, they will not hesitate to buy them. Considering how much time a person spends on his phone, it makes sense for him to make a big expenditure on buying a quality smartphone.