Three Submarines

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As has been previously discussed, the United States has been keeping an eye on the expansion of the Chinese military and it seems to be for good reason. According to reporters, three top of the line nuclear-powered attack submarines are currently in production. The Chinese navy plans to commission these subs as soon as they are completed.

The submarines were discovered from a satellite image illustrating three ships. They were developed utilizing China’s highest degree of technology. The vessels are referred to as Type-093G. The ships are complete with a vertical launching system and are larger than their forerunners, the Type-093. The improvements in technology are supposed to increase speed and minimize the amount of noise created underwater.

In the 1970s, China introduced the first nuclear-powered submarines into their navy but have never removed them from the shipyard, except for an anniversary parade in 2009. An expert in naval warfare, Liu Jiangping, stated that the vertical launching system would allow for launching weapons further underwater; giving the submarine an upper-hand during combat. The Chinese are clearly elevating their naval forces and the United States should remain wary of the increments.


4 Responses to Three Submarines

  1. Vertical launch?? — then these are ballistic missile subs, not “attack” submarines designed to take out other submarines? How do these enhance China’s security, or are they being built because the Chinese navy has a budget and wants parity with other navies, that is, they want all the toys that the “big boys” have?

    I’ve spent time with submariners. Running quiet is more than technology, it’s also training and know-how that take time to accumulate.

  2. Interesting, not surprising. I would not assume that because China is developing military grade submarines, they are necessarily planning a naval military campaign anytime soon. China has become a dominant economic world figure, it seems only fitting that they would choose to allocate some of their budget on strengthening their military capabilities.

  3. According to Business Insider, China is commissioning an upgraded version of a “nuclear attack submarine” that “would be capable of carrying supersonic missiles designed to take down enemy aircraft carriers”.

    This move obviously proves China’s intention to build up its naval advantage to develop itself as a strong maritime nation, which appears to be a part of Xi Jinping’s “China dream”.

  4. The South/East China Seas hold tremendous economic and strategic value, historically and today. The US has set the precedent that navies do not play an exclusively military role. China’s naval presence will increase its influence in the region.