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Government Crackdown on Golf Memberships

Golf in China is really expensive, a combination of the opulence and social status associated with playing the game.  Memberships in clubs in Beijing can run as as high as $150k for initial fees, and membership to clubs are often … Continue reading

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Alibaba, a Brief Overview and Singles Day Performance (11/11)

Alibaba’s rise to become one of the biggest internet firms in the world has been nothing less than meteoric, a growth trend that is correlated to a degree with the rise of Amazon, a company that Alibaba is frequently compared … Continue reading

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The Importance of TVE’s in China’s Early Economic Reforms

It is a generally accepted fact that the 1978 reforms of Deng Xiaoping centered on intrinsic motivations have contributed greatly to the economic expansion of China and have secured the country’s legitimacy as an economic powerhouse.  This shift has allowed … Continue reading

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