Foreign Auto Firms Under Fire in China

Published on Author Sam Wilson

Earlier today, as part of the annual World Consumer Rights Day campaign, China’s government-controlled television broadcast took aim at foreign carmakers and dealers. The problems they alleged ranged from pricing to quality in the auto-industry market. The main targets were Tata Motors Ltd’s Jaguar Land Rover, Voltswagen, as well as the some dealers. The CCTV… Continue reading Foreign Auto Firms Under Fire in China

China’s Hypercompetitive Car Market

Published on Author Mike

Today VW claimed sales of 2.35 million units in Jan-Sep. Meanwhile GM’s PR machine releases brand sales monthly. I track these, out of curiousity and because I teach a course on the Chinese economy (in which I use Michael Dunne’s American Wheels as one of 4 books I ask students to read). GM’s 9-month total… Continue reading China’s Hypercompetitive Car Market