Foreign Auto Firms Under Fire in China

Published on Author Sam Wilson

Earlier today, as part of the annual World Consumer Rights Day campaign, China’s government-controlled television broadcast took aim at foreign carmakers and dealers. The problems they alleged ranged from pricing to quality in the auto-industry market. The main targets were Tata Motors Ltd’s Jaguar Land Rover, Voltswagen, as well as the some dealers. The CCTV… Continue reading Foreign Auto Firms Under Fire in China

Uber, Other Private Car-hailing Services Disrupt China’s Traditional Taxi Industry

Published on Author Walker Helvey

Taxi drivers in ten Chinese cities have gone on strike to protest the arrival of ridesharing services such as Uber, the San Francisco based company valued at $40 billion, in the country. Traditional drivers claim the high franchise fees imposed by the state-run taxi industry inhibit their ability to compete with the cab-hailing services that… Continue reading Uber, Other Private Car-hailing Services Disrupt China’s Traditional Taxi Industry

China Takes the Lead from US in Foreign Investment

Published on Author Sam Wilson

In 2014, China took the edge over the US in foreign direct investment, a feat that no country has been able to achieve since the US took hold in 2003.  Looking at the charts, we can tell that China has had a relatively steady increase over the past twenty years and shows stability. Whereas looking at… Continue reading China Takes the Lead from US in Foreign Investment

Asia International Bank

Published on Author Mike

In our discussions, we did not touch upon how the AIB might operate, and to what end. Let us assume that it indeed focuses on development finance in Asia. To what extent is that feasible? The underlying premise of the AIB then must be that funds are scarce in the region, that the barrier to… Continue reading Asia International Bank


Published on Author Mike

Likely that’s new jargon: the study of the physical metrics of human populations. You may have encountered that growing up in the form of “growth charts” for height versus age. You know by looking across campus that there’s variation in even a population as homogeneous as that of W&L. So what if we approach measures… Continue reading Anthropometrics

China’s Hypercompetitive Car Market

Published on Author Mike

Today VW claimed sales of 2.35 million units in Jan-Sep. Meanwhile GM’s PR machine releases brand sales monthly. I track these, out of curiousity and because I teach a course on the Chinese economy (in which I use Michael Dunne’s American Wheels as one of 4 books I ask students to read). GM’s 9-month total… Continue reading China’s Hypercompetitive Car Market

Four Dead as New Bird Flu Breaks out in China

Published on Author crosby

According to a report from Bloomberg, a new strain of bird flu has emerged in eastern China and it has killed afourth person. The virus,  H7N9 strain of the avian flu, has infected poultry workers in Shanghai and there are more cases suspected in the city. This can be a very dangerous thing for an… Continue reading Four Dead as New Bird Flu Breaks out in China

Foreign Exchange Controls

Published on Author Mike

China catches flak for intervening in exchange markets. You should however think about the challenges faced by developing countries with small financial markets. A nice piece on that is on the Economist’s View blog, looking at Cyprus as the point of departure. Now that China is “large” in international markets the “hot money” argument is… Continue reading Foreign Exchange Controls

Financial Times China Coverage

Published on Author Mike

Here is a sample of the news coverage in the Financial Times, the world’s leading English-language newspaper, in that it has more extensive coverage of the world as a whole than any US publication.   See “Links” in the right-hand column – you can sign up for a daily email on their China coverage. China Business,… Continue reading Financial Times China Coverage