U.S. China trade deficit significantly lower under new system of analysis

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The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development and the World Trade Organization have created a new possibly more accurate system for analyzing trade between countries. The traditional method measures only imports and exports and is much simpler. However, the old model is considered; by many experts as too simple for an increasingly complex worldwide economy. The… Continue reading U.S. China trade deficit significantly lower under new system of analysis

China to become Apple’s top market?

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Apple CEO Tim Cook believes that China will soon become the largest market for his company’s products. Unlike other technology firms, Apple does not have to deal with tight censorship from the Chinese government. This is because they produce hardware, rather than internet services (like Facebook and Google), which are highly regulated. One service that Apple does provide,… Continue reading China to become Apple’s top market?

Can the Young Chinese Afford Housing Now?

Published on Author Christine Feng

Growing up in China, I’ve been educated that when people are married, the guy’s family needs to provide an apartment for the young family, either new or old. In recent years, with the high inflation in both consumer goods and real estate market, young people have been complaining about not being able to afford housing… Continue reading Can the Young Chinese Afford Housing Now?

Urbanization will lead to Investment in Chinese Machinery

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The article “Li’s Urban Planning Drives Sends Invesco Into Machinery Stocks” from Bloomberg’s website explains that the ongoing urbanization taking place in China will result in larger investment in machinery and railway stocks. As more people begin to move to Chinese cities, public transportation and other infrastructure essential to city growth will see improvements. These… Continue reading Urbanization will lead to Investment in Chinese Machinery

The Heart of the Dragon: Living

Published on Author Suraj Bajracharya

 -by Christy and Suraj Maoping can be considered as a very efficient village, even with very less infrastructures present, at least during the time the film was shot. The Household Responsibility System made growing crop very efficient as every family in the village was responsible to grow their own rice and wheat. Thus, every family… Continue reading The Heart of the Dragon: Living

High-Speed Trains, Trade on India-China Agenda

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With the India-China Strategic Economic Dialogue, India and China could potentially join forces and foster economic power.  This dialogue could lead to gaining high-speed Chinese trains and to having Indian information technology experts working in China.  This dialogue would also open up more opportunities for foreign direct investment between the two countries.  The India-China Strategic… Continue reading High-Speed Trains, Trade on India-China Agenda

Village China

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The village of Maoping in 1982 represented both the continuity of Chinese rural life and the changes brought about by the Communist Party.  The peasantry appears unaffected by the efforts at modernization begun near China’s eastern urban centers.  Housing was built out of wood and earth in a traditional process centuries old.  Rice remained the… Continue reading Village China

Financial Times China Coverage

Published on Author Mike

Here is a sample of the news coverage in the Financial Times, the world’s leading English-language newspaper, in that it has more extensive coverage of the world as a whole than any US publication.   See “Links” in the right-hand column – you can sign up for a daily email on their China coverage. China Business,… Continue reading Financial Times China Coverage

World GDP Shares

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Here’s a post on the Worthwhile Canadian Initiative economics blog with basic data on the rise of China as a share of global GDP. Note that this is done in PPP (purchasing power parity) terms, which is good at comparing consumption but not necessarily “clout” in global markets, where market exchange rates matter. More come… Continue reading World GDP Shares